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Welcome to the PONY HORROR Basement

Greetings, and welcome, Fillies and Gentle Colts young and old to THE place in town for all your pony horror needs!

The aim of this group is to cater to the growing hunger for ponies in horror situations, or horror icons in pony situations!

If you know of any pony horror fans, then send them this way, and we'll get the duct tape and chainsaw ready!

Now we'll say it now, this group is for GENERAL HORROR.
Let's not make this another "cupcakes" thing.

Law of the Land

* please put your submissions into the correct folders, if you're having problems then please ask. Do NOT just put stuff wherever you can jam it up into.

* it is a HORROR group, please use the mature content filter on any work that is overly violent / bloody etc.

* ALL submissions MUST contain both a HORROR element, and PONY element to them, if your work lacks one or the other, it does not make the cut and will be not be accepted.
This is "PONY-HORROR" after all.

* we will accept works with sexual themes (it is part of the horror package after all) BUT this is NOT a porn group, and if we feel the work leans too much in that direction, it will be knocked back
(If this is the case, we will say so.]

* same goes for swearing in your works, you can swear a little bit, but if we feel it is over the top then it may not make it into the group.

* be nice to other members / artists / writers as this is a 'friendly' ghost house.

* and this is GENERAL HORROR, lets not over do it with the "cupcakes" subs.

Okay, I THINK that is every thing.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our co-founders,
- pyrodarknessanny
- ladijayne
- KarRedRoses

Enjoy your stay in the madhouse!

Gallery Folders

Ponies Of The Apocalypse by Roogna
Puffy Bat Pony Pin  Commission by PyroDarknessANNY
Malice by Vitaj
CandyMare by PeachyPeaBee
PennyPony by Shookadoo
Ask Movie Slate - The Mummy (2017) by jamescorck
Happy Nigtmare Night 2017! by LennonBlack

Mature Content

DL:8 - Resident Evil Op-Equestria(Beta) - [SFM DL] by Dreadmaster231
Fan Fiction and Stories
Cupcakes Fanart (Pinkie Version) by HappyDays64
Cupcakes Fanart (Pinkamena Version) by HappyDays64
Mimetos - Cover Art by flipwix
What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me by PhobicAlbino
Pony Poster Parodies

Mature Content

Apple Family Massacre by Flicker-Show
P for PARTY - IDEAS ARE BULLETPROOF! by Lautaromanuelgil

Mature Content

Vault of Horror by Flicker-Show
Fluttersuitor by Crazy350
Original Oddities
Ask Graceful Thread Cover Image by robbieagray
Ask Graceful Thread by robbieagray
Huh... by Jadekettu
12-26-17 by Spuds-McFrenzy
Creepy Customs and Crafts
Cthulhu pony by Evilunicorn97
CM Alien Pony by AtticStudioWV
Welcome to Silent Ponyville | Halloween 2017 by AlexCroft1991
Shub-NeighGurath by Mutt12
Comics and Strips
The Keepers by Evil-Rick
The wait is over... by Evil-Rick
First Victim (PDP vs DRD Teaser/Minicomic) by Lautaromanuelgil
Road Kill (Page 1, Chapter 1) by MysterysChannel
Canon official ponies
it is watching by zizka-von-mikser
The Madness in Me by Lautaromanuelgil
A Little Secret by Lautaromanuelgil
Applejack the grave digger by TurquoiseThought


Other groups you should check out!


yo' PyrodarknessANNY here.
sorry for the groups slow times in  accepting requests.
I've been in the process of completing a long distance move and so have had limited to no internet access.

I just want to take a moment to think KarRedRoses who has done more than an amazing jog of keeping things running here in my absence and I hope   she continues to keep up the good work.

also thank you to everyone in the group for being patient with these delays KarRedRoses is like my self very busy  and sometimes we just don't get time to get on and check the messages / submissions.

I would like to announce one small change tho.
please do NOT submit any art to the "FEATURED" gallery folder.
art submitted to this folder is more likely to be ignored / declined
the FEATURED folder is only for art works that we wish to highlight and will be chosen at our discretion only.

to ensure your artwork makes it in to the gallery folders  PLEASE  choose the folder that best fits your piece.
if you are un sure what folder to submit your work to then please ask my self or KarRedRoses.

thats all for now
stay creepy every pony
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I wanted to thank you for adding my work here! :) (Smile)  I appreciate it!
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Aright_blink_left_50x50You're Welcome  Brohoof 
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I need help with writing a mlp horror story. 
If you are interested, check my profile or send me a note.
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